What Is Internet Addiction? Hypnosis can help

The Internet is probably the biggest invention for humanity. It has revolutionized work and social cultures across the world. With the advancements in the internet, the world can now be rightfully termed as a small “global village”. The total metamorphosis took place in terms of communication, information sharing, mode of gaining knowledge and much more. We are so much dependent on the use of the internet that sometimes we mistake addiction for usefulness. Playing games online throughout the day, surfing aimlessly are definite signs of addiction. Addiction no matter in what form, is bound to create some side effects.

Recently the world has witnessed the exponential growth pattern of internet usage. Trillions of business data (banks, financial institutions, airlines, online shopping portals etc) are stored or transferred instantly overseas. News from around the world is updated in seconds and not daily. Social networking has opened up a new dimension for people all around the world. They are taking communication to new heights, which imply that the world enjoys the benefits of internet usage. On a more thoughtful note, one may ask a question that, “how much is too much when it comes to the internet?”

The concept of compulsive internet use is not considered as a disorder formally. However, there has been empirical evidence, which shows that this type of using pattern creates many problems. The problem comes both personally and socially and affects the work. The using pattern of internet varies widely from person to person. Therefore, their treatment for addiction is also customized. “Internet addiction disorder” is a term, which was pioneered by Dr. Ivan Goldberg. Recently he himself changed the term to “Pathological computer use disorder”. There are several criteria’s which causes internet addiction. In severe cases, the symptoms can match up to the frequent use of drugs. You may need help with this form of addiction – hypnotherapy can help! If you need an expert specialist then check out Michael Carthy, he offers the best hypnosis London services.

So checking the problem at a nascent stage is highly advisable. Compulsive use of internet causes distresses and tiredness. It also has a detrimental effect on the mental, physical health of the user. Although there is no doubt that internet is a spearhead of the modern world, it comes with a negative externality in terms of addiction. The common belief is that technology is amoral; it is not inherently good or evil. Its impact depends on how well we handle it. Alcohol and other mood-altering drugs create a moral vacuum, so does internet disorders.

Persistent problems are associated with compulsive internet usage. Many studies are conducted across the world by using multiple regression models, which indicated fatal results amongst people with internet addiction. 30% of the internet users almost use it like a drug to alter negative mood. Different studies of behavioural research have repeatedly pointed out that internet addiction is like compulsive gambling. There are probably two types of internet-based problems. In the first case, the internet itself becomes the focus on the compulsive behavior pattern. Secondly, a pre-existing behavioral pattern is amplified due to internet addiction.

There is no limit to one’s desire. A large number of problems often stem from the fact that there are theoretical suppositions. However clinically, they have been rather unsuccessful in achieving a positive result for solving the problem of ever-growing internet addiction. But of course, some efficient ways to overcome internet addiction exist.